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Rapid Molded Parts

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3D Systems’ rapid molded parts service offers production-grade molded parts at a fraction of the price of traditional molding from other suppliers. It is injection molding done FAST!

Rapid molded parts are low-volume injection molded parts that are ideal for prototype and bridge tooling quantities. Tools are constructed with quick change mold bases and interchangeable soft tooling inserts.

For qualifying projects, our customers can bring their product to market faster than ever, with standard lead times from 7 – 14 days for T1 samples. Due to quick turnaround and specific limitations, the customer does not own the tool, but may order as many parts as needed.

Fast – Standard lead time between 7 – 14 business days for T1 samples
Affordable – Production materials and molded parts offered at a fraction of the price of molding from other suppliers
Quality – Typically good for around a 10K shot life
Material Selection – ABS, PC, Nylon, PC/ABS, PMMA and many more
Part sizes up to 8” x 6” x 2”

Rapid Molded Finishes:

Light Texture
Medium Texture
Heavy Texture

Accuracy – Holds tolerances within +/- 0.005″
Mold Complexity – Complex part geometry can be produced, parts do not have to be a “straight pull” design
Free Design for Manufacturing Analysis (DFM) with each quote